Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 370 - Outstanding

Day 370. Day THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY! Who would have thought I had the attention span to blog about something for over a year. Posting a blog every single day deemed difficult with how full some days were, but posting a blog about every day was painless and satisfying. I now have a diary of memories. Forever.

This year was mine to make. When provided with an opportunity such as this, it would make zero sense to not make the most out of everything.

These experiences are down to a few people that I must say a huge thank you to;

Dad - The sounding board and the creator of all my opportunities.

Mum - The comforter and always there when ever I needed her or she needed me to be.

Janie - Kept my feet on the ground and reminded me why I am here.

Tony, Helen, Rhys, Alice, Bobbo, Harriet, Jack and Greg - For making the trip out here to see me and let me attempt to show them New York.

Vicki Downey - For opening a lot of doors  into many networks that I would have not been able to get into ordinarily.

Dr. Dennis Garritan - The best professor I have had and provider of some of the best advice that I have ever received.

Christine, Christina, Karin and Jenny - For all the opportunities and guidance they provided me with over my year working with all of them.

My Mountbatten experience is not yet over though, as I still have my dissertation and a MBA to complete. The location is none other than Bangkok, Thailand. The Curious Englishman in Bangkok however, sounds slightly seedy since Hangover 2 came out. So I may need to have a think about a new name. 

To be continued...


At the time of writing, I am some 30,000 feet in the air. I should be in the airport lounge waiting for my supposed 8am flight back to London. The reason I have an elevated position prior to the planned time, is that I pushed my luck. I arrived at the airport around 5pm, courtesy of a cheap taxi ride. With the internet turned off at the flat, my anxious attitude to always be early and a desire to not pay $100+ for a taxi, the 16 hour wait seemed the obvious choice.

After waiting for the check in hostess to stop laughing at me and presuming I have no friends to stay with me in my last few hours, her supervisor kindly offered me an earlier flight. An instant yes on my part.

The best part about this story, is that Janie, who thinks she is picking me up at 7.40pm with Dad and Jack, will actually have a boyfriend shaped surprise stood on her doorstep around 10am. Huge thanks to Dad for helping me pull this off. As per usual, I could have not done it without him.

Day 369 - Out of Office

Penultimate day with work and the Mountbatten folks.

This. Is. Emotional!

Day 368 - Bone Sweet Bone

Not saying goodbye to Rathbones would have been sacrilege. After all, they have provided me with a lot of calories, messy hands and sore stomachs this year.

Good good. Good friends. Good times.

Day 367 - Final Moments

Three more mornings that I can wake up to this view...

and three more evenings that I go to bed seeing these reprobates last...

Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 366 - Thou Shalt Pack

Where's the Mother and Girlfriend when you need them?

You would think having lived in five different homes over the last five years, I would have got pretty good at packing my life up for the next chapter. Nope, still as reluctant.

Day 365 - A Year to the Day

A year to the day I landed in New York, dropped my bag of at the Walcott Hotel and went for a wonder. Not having a clue where I was going, I just started walking.

The first big landmark I came across was the Flatiron building. It was also where I took my first picture in New York.

This location will forever on, be one of the most memorable places of my time here.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 364 - Final Brunch

To ensure we all remained true to our New York experience, thirty-ish of us headed to Yotel for a send off brunch.

Mimosas, average food and exaggerated stories, not necessarily in that order or in equal quantities was the order for the day. 

There was a fellow named Harry Styles that came to play as well and send us all of back the UK in 'Styles'...

No apologies for my closing pun.